The Old Silly Billy's Toy Shop

The old Silly Billy’s Toy Shop Home for 19 Years

Silly Billy's outside

The New Silly Billy’s Home for 3 Months So far

An Independent Toy Shop is Born

Silly Billy’s Toy Shop was established in 1997 by George William Lee (aka Bill) Deakin.
It was from a non-drunken bar conversation that the name Silly Billy’s Toy Shop was born.

In 1997 Hebden Bridge was missing a few key shops to make it a buzzing town. One such shop was a Toy Shop. Bill insightfully saw an opportunity to start a business that would help the residents of Hebden Bridge and the environs and as such Silly Billy’s Toy Shop was created. It took some time to establish the Shop as a new venture and after a few years the toy shop became a central point for parents and children.

Next year Silly Billy’s Toy Shop will be celebrating it’s 20th Birthday.
Last year the shop celebrated an 18th Birthday Celebration and there were some great competitions created as a result.

Notably Silly Billy’s is one of the few remaining independent toy shops in the country, and it has been at times quite difficult to survive.
Bill said in an interview:
“We strive to offer a service to the community in which I make a living rather than make a killing, by operating in this way we survive.
We price competitively and stock a wide range of toys and games.
It is more important to us to look after our customers rather than put in place such practices as minimum card payments and plastic bag charges; we look after our staff as well and we are not simply a revenue generating business.” Furthermore said Bill:
“It has not been easy to maintain this stance in an economic climate that is as challenging as it recently has been, but we are an innovative retailer, always bringing in new products and altering our ranges.We could not survive without the loyalty of our customers in and around Hebden Bridge as without them we would not be here. After 18 years our customer base has grown dramatically, not just locally but further afield as well. We would like to thank all our customers, old and new very much indeed”

Spy Pens

Spy Pens Do you remember Spy Pens? New from House of marbles we have some fabulous Spy Pens, write in invisible ink and light up the ink with the Ultraviolet Light on the Pen’s Top. A great little gadget As well as Spy Pens we have also received some other new musical...

Baby Toys and More

Baby Toys and More We have been extending our Baby range at Silly Billy’s and have recently received some great new products from Manhattan Toy Company. These really compliment our new Sophie la Girafe range as well and we hope you will come and visit us soon to...

Pokemon Steam Siege

Pokémon Steam Siege Have Arrived The very latest in Pokémon Trading Card Booster Packs have arrived at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop, Pokémon Steam Siege are here. We have many regular customers of Pokémon trading cards so this is a heads up for them as the last series of...


PokemonGO PokemonGO What can we say? PokemonGo as one of the first augmented reality games is pretty amazing. There is a lot  you can do within the PokemonGo game and many ways in which you can get involved. On the plus side it encourages people to go out and walk,...