A Blog Post Each Day ?

As part of a Social Media strategy for Silly Billy’s Toy Shop the author of this site (Robert A Williams) has been publishing a blog post each day which will continue until Christmas Eve 2017. Writing a blog post each day is actually quite a tricky task for a relatively small shop like ours. So we have to resort to re-publishing content some times as you will see on Silly Billy’s Toy Shop blog. This content is re-purposed from various sources on the internet, also we have a clever bit of code on the Silly Billy’s Toy Shop, Toy News Page which allows us to scrape content via PR Newswire.

As well as this useful way of gaining more visitors to the site we also announce new products on this blog, though quite often they will appear on Silly Billy’s Facebook page first. Another innovative way that we have showcased the products available in Silly Billy’s Toy Shop via our Alphabet of Toys page, a slow load speed may impact upon this due to the amount of embedded code so we are considering splitting it over two pages at some point in the future.

Without further ado here are a couple of products that are new to us, though this first one is only available in very limited quantities as it is a Special Edition of a Sylvanian Families Set 5269 released for Christmas 2017.

Sylvanian Families Baby Sleigh Ride Set (5269)

Sylvanian Families Set 5269

Sylvanian Families Baby Sleigh Ride Set 5269 – £17.99

Another exciting new product is the glow in the Dark Alien Eggs. Alien Eggs are very popular at Silly Billy’s and these new glow in the Dark Alien Eggs we are expecting will be a huge hit with the girls and boys .

Glow in the dark aliens

Glow in the dark aliens £1.99

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