I have been working for a little while now at increasing the visibility of – One factor from my years of research into SEO and tools for the promotion of websites on line has been the Alexa Rank of domains. Just as Google creates a set of indexes and pigeon holes in which the search engine owners pigeon hole your site, then similarly the ranking of your site by domain is important as well, this is a factor for consideration in ranking within various search engines.

On 17th May 2015 was ranked on as 9,910,064 – this was before any intervention by myself and now since plugging away at promoting in various ways both on Social Media and elsewhere this is now what is seen today Sunday 14th June 2015:

Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank 15th June 2015

That is 2,012,059, a change of over 7 MILLION places in Alexa Ranking Order in just under one calendar month.

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Alexa Rank Update July 2017

Alexa Rank SB- July 2017

Robert A Williams has been working tirelessly to improve the ranking of Silly Billy’s Toy shop domain and being in the top one million of the over 1.1 Billion websites that exist on the planet is no mean feat!!

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The ever changing playing field of SEO and ranking placements mean that it is no longer enough to simply be ranked well, also content and strategies on Social Media have to be carefully considered and implemented.

Analysis of the above graph from Alexa indicates a rise in Silly Billy’s toy shop domain to the TOP HALF MILLION of global websites just before Christmas 2016 and this will be because there is always an increase in traffic flow to Silly Billy’s websites in the run up to Christmas, the busies time for any toy retailer and also many other retailers.

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