Christmas Gifts

The corporate’s have been punching Christmas 2016 for some time now. We have placed many of our orders for Christmas already here at Silly Billy’s and we have Christmas Gifts from as low as 50 pence to as much as £79.99. Lego is one of ourprime lines for Christmas 2016 and we would appreciate it if you would shop for your Lego products from us here at Silly Billy’s rather than the likes of Amazon or another global corporation.
Shopping with Small Businesses helps to keep diversity in the High Street and also helps the small business to continue trading. Independent Toy Shop’s have been culled by corporates and internet shopping and Silly Billy’s Toy Shop is one of the last Independent’s standing so we would really appreciate it, if your Christmas Gift’s could be shopping with us:
What do we have in stock for Christmas you may ask?
Well here are some things that might entertain you,:

Stocking Filler’s from 50p, these might include the ever popular Lego Minifigures at only £2.49 a packet
Lego Minifigures Series 16





Our 50 pence range includes bouncy balls and much much more
Christmas Gifts







We have Four Types of Advent Calendars in Stock although they are running out fast


Lego Star Wars Advent £24.99






Playmobil Advent Calendar £19.99

Playmobil Advent Calendar £19.99








Christmas Gifts

Playmobil 1.2.3 Advent £19.99








bayala advent calendars

Bayala Advent Calendars £24.99










Other Christmas Gifts include our Fantastic Lego range with all new Lego Star Wars Rogue One
e have Hex Bugs in stock and plenty of wooden toys for our younger shoppers, including a Wooden Brio compatible train track at only £19.99 and we have the best range of Schleich collectible horses and animals of any Toy Shop in the North of England.

Did you know that we stock the all Original Metal Slinky’s as made in the USA

Christmas Gifts

Slinky £4.99







We also have lots of Toys and Gift’s for Babies here at Silly Billy’s including Sophie, La Girafe, one of our most popular baby ranges to date.

So come to Silly Billy’s Toy Shop today and shop for all your Christmas Gifts and other Toy Shopping needs.


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