At Silly Billy‘s we have enough Minifigures in Stock to see us through Christmas we very much hope, but on the other hand we are selling full boxes on EBay if Trade is slow in the shop.  This Series of Minifigures which include:

  • Space Miner,
  • Battle Goddess,
  • Wizard,
  • Dino Tracker,
  • Swashbuckler,
  • Jester,
  • Piggy Guy,
  • Hun Warrior,
  • Fairytale Princess,
  • Pizza Delivery Man,
  • Video Game Guy,
  • Spooky Girl,
  • Prospector,
  • Genie Girl,
  • Rock Star and
  • Lifeguard Guy.

Lego i at Silly Billy‘s are only £2.49 compared to £2.50 at Tesco’s PLUS we issue Collector’s cards and stickers with every purchase. For every 5 minifigures you buy, the 6th Lego Minifigure is free.
We are collecting this series in the Toy Shop as well and the only minifigure we have left to find is Piggy Guy.

Lego Minifigures make great gifts for Christmas.

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