The Big Board Game Day is on Friday 27th May 2016

Silly Billy‘s is happy to be supporting Littleborough Library with their raffle prizes this year. The Big Board Game Day is both an opportunity to raise funds for the NSPCC and to become involved in the exciting games events at Littleborough Library.

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There will be games, a raffle and much much more, so get down to Littleborough library on Friday 27th May for a day of board gaming activity, there is no need to pre-book.

Funds raised will help children like Maisie* who was abused at a young age. This is her story, taken from the NSPCC website.

We all love to play, but for a child who’s recovering from abuse, play can mean so much.

We started working with Maisie when she was 5 years old. She had been sexually abused at an after-school club, and although the abuse was over, it became clear to Maisie’s parents that she needed help to recover. She had gone from being a happy, sociable child who excelled at school to being completely disengaged.

Maisie started coming to our Letting the Future in service, where NSPCC worker Amelia helped her to explore her feelings and what had happened to her in a safe way through play. Activities like playing with PlayDough helped Maisie express her anger about what had happened and regain a feeling of control.

Maisie is doing really well now – she’s much more able to talk about how she’s feeling, and is getting her self-esteem and confidence back.

*This is a real case but names and identifying details have been changed to protect identities.

The author of this post, Robert A Williams, has supported the NSPCC himself through sponsored runs when he used to be fitter than he is now !!

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