What can we say? PokemonGo as one of the first augmented reality games is pretty amazing. There is a lot  you can do within the PokemonGo game and many ways in which you can get involved.
On the plus side it encourages people to go out and walk, run or cycle and catch #PokemonGO where ever they may be. It’s interesting that Niantic have released the game for free and also free of ADs, this is a plus really. Although it has As I have some background knowledge in internet and application development I really do feel Pokemon GO is a very powerful app.
On the down side there have been stories of people falling off of cliffs and the like, which isn’t great.

Pokemon cards have been amazingly popular here at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop and we are the greatest retailer of Pokemon Cards in Hebden Bridge. We would obviously be very grateful if you could shop for your cards here as we are raising our own visibility post the flooding of Boxing Day.
The latest series “Fates Collide” has been one of the most popular collectors series yet.
PokemonGo - Fates CollideWe have plenty of card booster packs here at Silly Billy’s so if you are looking for Pokemon Cards then come down to Silly Billy’s Toy Shop today

The author has installed Pokemon GO on his phone and has played it, although as I am no gamer I did not particularly get into the game itself, though I am interested in other people’s experiences.

Packhorse Bridge

The Packhorse Bridge c1450

My daughter caught a Pokemon in Silly Billy’s Toy Shop the other day and I have applied to Niantic to make Silly Billy’s a PokeStop. There was also PokeGym on the Packhorse Bridge, close to our shop.

Overall I would say the development and release of PokemonGo is significant and heralds a new way of gaming incorporating augmented reality.

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