Star Wars Rogue One

Rogue One is the new Star Wars Film due to be released for Christmas 2016. As ever the Lego company are releasing new products for this upcoming Star Wars Movie and they will be with us here at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop in October 2016

Silly Billy’s Toy Shop, the best Independent Toy Retailer in Yorkshire, has Lego Star Wars in stock now, including Lego Buildable figures at only ten pounds.
Star Wars Buildable Figures

Rogue One, A Star Wars Story is due for release in UK on December the 16th according to IMDB coincidentally my eldest son’s birthday.

As well as having Lego Star Wars buildable figures in stock we also have the following Lego Star Wars sets in limited quantities.

Other recent Lego news includes a revelation on BBC Radio 4 that by 2020 the amount of minifigures on planet earth will be greater than the amount of human beings, this shock fact after some research on the internet came from an article written in 2013 that says “Since their introduction in 1978, Lego’s Minifigs have, um, reproduced at a rapid rate. In fact, the toy maker has been making the little fellas at such a pace that they’ll outnumber humans by 2019.

As of 2006, there were 4 billion Minifigs in the world; projecting forward both human and Lego population growth suggests that tiny plastic men will outnumber us by 2019. Imagine that: a world where there are more Minifigs than fellow homosapiens.”
Original Source

As we all know the human population has been expanding globally at a terrific rate and so now it seems the same is true for Lego Minifigures ! Here at Silly Billy’s we have the latest Series 16, Lego Minifigures in stock NOW

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Rogue One

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