You may not be aware of the wide visibility of Silly Billy’s Toy Shop online, we have been active on many of Silly Billy’s Social Media Channels in the past 4 years and we will be celebrating four years on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter this month.

In that time we have gained nearly 3,000 Facebook Likes, just over 16,000 Twitter Folowers and some interesting activity on Pinterest.

Silly Billy’s is also active on Google Plus and we are thinking of building up a Youtube Channel for the Video’s that we have recently created for Silly Billy’s Toy Shop, most of which are on this page called “The Alphabet of Toys” and also mainly on Facebook Videos for Silly Billy’s Social Media.

Robert A Williams manages all of Silly Billy’s Online presence and the online visibility has increased dramatically in the time he has been working there and is now striving to exceed the 3,000 Facebook likes prior to New Year’s Eve 2017. Also we have recently created this Pinterest Board for Halloween:

Silly BIlly’s are most active on Facebook with obviously this blog coming up a close second, we are also going to create a Competition for Christmas 2017 on Facebook so watch this space, or rather watch the Silly Billy’s Facebook page.

The current challenge for Robert is creating a b,log post per day up until Christmas Eve 2017 and obviously increasing the Facebook likes to Silly Billy’s Facebook Page, which is proving quite a challenge. One local business who is doing admirably well with their Facebook Business Page is Cut Price Barry’s shop in Halifax. If you have not seen Cut Price Barry’s Facebook page then head over here ——>

We have a long way to go to catch up with the likes of Cut Price Barry though we are trying our best through the abilities and presence of Silly Billy’s Social Media Channels.

If you are interested in getting Robert’s help with anything involving Search Engine Optimisation, Adwords, Social media Marketing, Social Media Paid Advertising, PPC or online promotion in any way then simply fill out this form

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