Toy Shop Video

We have opened for the first time in our new location at Old Gate House in Hebden Bridge, that’s nearly opposite the wavey steps where people feed the ducks.

Chris from Rogue Robot Industries came into the shop with his children and created a video for us in 90 minutes so many thanks to him. We are open today at Old Gate House, our new location, directly opposite Watergate Tea Rooms, sadly Watergate Tea Rooms is still shut after the devastation suffered in the Boxing Day Floods and will open after Easter when they have finished their renovation project.

We are very excited to be open now in our new location and hope you will come and visit us soon

Chris said that he managed to create the video above in just 90 minutes which is very impressive.

Please follow us on Facebook or Twitter to keep up to date with all the latest news at Silly Billy‘s and also in hebden Bridge. Don’t forget it is Duck race Duck Race Day on Easter Monday which is always a very exciting event.

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