We were hoping that the weather in the Calder Valley would remain Sunny for some time but the anomaly of Tuesday 30th June 2015, so warm that the author was naked in his garden topping up his tan, seems to be just that:-
An anomaly.

Nonetheless, Silly Billy‘s buying department took the wise precaution of getting in some lovely Pools in case the hot weather makes a welcome return and the local Children need to cool down.

We have two sizes of pool available at the moment, 1.52m Diameter by 25cm high, holding 340 Litres of water for only £9.99 and another that is 1.83m Diameter by 38cm high and holds 749 Litres of water.

If you get the chance come and cool down with a paddling pool from Silly Billy‘s Toy Shop in Hebden Bridge:

Paddling Pool

Designs May Vary

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