Stocking Fillers

There is no longer a need to put coal or satsumas in your children’s stockings, instead pop into Silly Billy‘s and buy some stocking fillers from only 50p. Some examples of our 50 pence items include:

  • Stretchy Men
  • Dice
  • Marbles (from 15p)
  • Bouncy Balls
  • Sticker Books
  • Modelling Clay

We have a lot of other toys and play-things for just under a pound or £1 and these include:-

  • Stretchy Monkeys
  • Wind Up Teeth
  • Zomlings Series 4
  • Jokes
  • Various Balls
  • Bouncy Eggs

Come into Silly Billy’s Toy Shop and fill your boots, sorry stockings !


Marbles from 15p

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