Calderdale Rising An Update

Calderdale Rising An Update

Emails and tweets have been sent regarding Calderdale Rising, there are now under 24 hours to fund the campaign and there are still some great rewards available on the Crowdfunding page.
The logo has turned pink for Valentines day on the 14th, if you click it below then you will be taken to the Crowdfunding page for the campaign

Calderdale Risng Happy Valentines

Calderdale Risng Happy Valentines

The message below was sent by Kirsty McGregor who has been ardently campaigning for the 103 businesses affected for free.

Many, many thanks to you if you have supported the campaign, promoted it and shared it amongst your friends and family. There was a party on twitter tonight amongst many of the businesses, followed by facebook, texts emails and, no doubt, a large ‘real’ party in due course! They, along with many other volunteers, have worked very hard to build this campaign into this success, with days to spare!

This campaign has meant so much to these businesses, knowing they are supported. Emails and messages I’ve received tonight from some of our businesses say that they had been thinking of winding up, giving up, and walking away from their business, but this campaign and the positivity surrounding it, gave them the motivation to carry on and rebuild. And no amount of money can create that energy – it was the spirit that this campaign and this community gave them back.

So on behalf of all 103 businesses, their owners, their employees, their customers, their suppliers and the whole community – thank you!
We need these businesses to remain on our high streets, in our industrial estates and scattered throughout this valley. And as the constant rain brings worries again tonight, this will only be the start of a long road back for some of them.

And onwards and upwards!

The target has been raised – because we like a challenge! And we have beautiful gifts still to sell. So we will keep the page open until Friday 12th at 12.30pm. Anything we raise from now on will be guaranteed. Please do continue to share and join in our celebrations.

Look at Business for Calderdale Facebook Page
Search twitter for #CalderdaleRising and retweet the tweets

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Half-Term Opening At Silly Billy’s

Half-Term Opening 2016

With the roaring success of our Pop Up Shop in Welcome Independent Living at the bottom of Albert Street in Hebden Bridge.
Silly Billy‘s has decided to open through  half-term week at the following times:

  • Saturday 13th February 10am til 4pm
  • Sunday 14th February 10am til 4pm
  • Monday 15th February 10am til 4pm
  • Tuesday 16th February 10am til 4pm
  • Wednesday 17th February 10am til 4pm
  • Thursday 18th February 10am til 4pm
  • Friday 19th February 10am til 4pm
  • Saturday 20th February 10am til 4pm
  • Sunday 21st February CLOSED

If you have younger children, then Flying Saucers is also open in the same location as Silly Billy’s 
WELCOME-INDPENDENT-LIVING-HEBDEN-BRIDGECome in and see us, help support our shop and Silly Billy‘s move to a new location.
NB We can only take cash at Silly Billy‘s, our card machine is non-operational.

The Calderdale Rising Campaign to support Flooded businesses is still going strong and ends this Friday 12th February at 12:30pm if you wish to support us and other businesses; plus pick up a tremendous reward, then [click here]

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Calderdale Rising Update

Calderdale Rising Update

There has been a lot of activity by many businesses for #CalderdaleRising, and new rewards are being added to the Crowdfunding page regularly. If you pledge some money to #CalderdaleRising you can gain some amazing rewards at very discounted prices.

To read more about the efforts of this author you can check out his recent blog post here:

There has been some fabulous support from all the businesses, and more, both in terms of the rewards that have been offered  on the site, and raffle prizes that make up “The Big Raffle” – probably the longest list of prizes you’ll ever see!

Raffle tickets sales are now being added to the site as pledges by the businesses that have been selling them, plus online sales (now closed) will be added shortly – a phenomenal £1,312 has been raised from online ticket sales alone!
The Big Raffle draw is at 3pm tomorrow, the only place we know of that definitely has raffle tickets is Pennine Provisions, otherwise it is worth possibly trying in the Antiques Centre in Hebden, Bonsalls and The Banyan Tree, Silly Billy‘s has sold out of raffle tickets and raised £100 pounds, if every business involved raised £100 then we would have an extra £10,000+ to put in the pot. 

Rewards on the Crowdfunding page that are new  include:

A day out on the farm! A guided tour of Riverford Home Farm near Thirsk plus an organic veg box to take home £25pp
A beautiful handmade garlic bread & chopping board from Bonsalls £30 unique & only 10 available!
A 2 hour trip in a sporting classic – a beautiful Red E-Type Jag! £125 and limited to 8. Live the dream!
And some beautiful engineered real oak flooring – massive discount on RRP!
Take a look….[click to read more]

YOU can still help by visiting the Crowdfunding Page and simply sharing the campaign, it is easy to do from the page. We have not yet reached our £150k target and as Kirsty pointed out in her recent interview with the BBC, we need a lot more than £150k and it is likely that the amount raised will not be match-funded pound for pound by government funds. Simply spending a few moments of your time to share the campaign could bring in the Big Angel investors that we so need.

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