Playmobil Fairies

We have a wide range of Playmobil Faires for Sale at Silly Billy‘s Toyshop including all the Fairy Gift Bags at £9.99,  as described here.
Also we have:
Playmobil 5448 Fairy Diana £7.99
Playmobil 5450 Fairy Aquarella in the Unicorn Meadow £14.99
Playmobil 5446 Unicorn Carriage with Butterfly Fairy £12.99
Playmobil 5445 Fairy Queen’s Ship £24.99
Playmobil 5444 Fairy Island with Jewel Fountain £29.99

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Playmobil Delivery Friday 10th October 2014

After some waiting and a further delay due to a Bank Holiday in germany on Monday, the Playmobil delivery arrived early on Friday Morning. Three Pallets brought on a long-bed truck that managed to block up the roads for a little while around St George’s Square.

We unloaded the lorry in double-quick time and eventually finished pricing and putting out the stock at around 3pm !!

The Gallery below illustrates some of the Playmobil we have in stock at this time:

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