LOOMBANDS ARE ONLY £1 per packet here at Silly Billy‘s

This has to rank as one of the shortest blog posts ever written on Silly Billy’s Toy Shop blog so on Thursday 20th April 2017, Robert A Williams decides to add more content. Also worth noting that Silly Billy’s Toy Shop no longer stocks Loom Bands.

Loom Bands the Craze:
Loom Bands were an exciting and short-lived craze at Silly Billy’s in the Summer of 2014 at a time when infants were having fun with tablets and young teens living and breathing social networks, it appears curious to discover that elastic bands became such a huge thing.
Play grounds and living spaces were under intrusion from coloured bands. Kids investing hours twisting them into bracelets. Mums and dads were becoming increasingly tired and fed up of pickking them up from behind couches and off the flooring. Some schools even prohibited Loom Bands after students utilized them as weapons!

The Rainbow Loom, a plastic gadget for turning little elastic band into jewellery, has actually offered more than 3 million systems worldwide. The large scale of the fad can be seen in the statistics for Amazon UK at the time when all 30 of the very popular toys were either looms or loom-related. The items topped the sales chart list for every single age other than the under-twos at the time.

That was back in 2014 and Loom Bands were a huge craze in Hebden Bridge and many other towns and cities in the United Kingdom.

The latest craze (Spring 2017) though could well be Fidget Spinners


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