House of Marbles – Stock Replenished

The House of Marbles

Today we have had a replenishment and re-stock from one of our great British suppliers, The House of Marbles. As well as glass Marbles, The House of Marbles supplies Silly Billys with a number of other toys and today we have back in the very popular:

Junior Adventurer’s Binoculars:




Marble Bags:

Marble Bag


Also we Have in:
Tubs of 50 Marbles at £5.99

50 Marbles










We have written before about the House of Marbles and at Silly Billy‘s we are proud to be stocking House of Marbles products from Bovey Tracey in Devon. One Top Seller with young and old alike is the Traditional Game of Jacks




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New in From House of Marbles

House of Marbles, a UK based company. It used to be that Silly Billy‘s purchased stock from House of Marbles at Christmas but now their toy range has become so popular with parents and children that we now buy from House of Marbles all year long.

As well as traditional toys like Dominoes, Pick-Up Sticks, Tiddlywinks and, of course, marbles, House of Marbles introduces some very innovative ranges. For the young outdoorsmen and women we have some binoculars and a very bright camping lantern from the Junior Adventurer Range.
marbles adventurers marbles1

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Some new lines and old favourites have returned from our friends at The House of Marbles:
#DICE – do you ever lose dice for your games, get some high quality dice here at Silly Billy‘s
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MUSICAL TOYS, we have a selection :
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Old Favourites

Old Favourites: Jack Straws; Beetle Game and Magic Crystal Garden

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