Hape Bamboo Cars

Hape  Bamboo Cars / Style Me Up OFFERS

We have written about Hape Bamboo Cars before. They are an exciting product made of Bamboo and would appeal to Boys (and girls as well).
There are only a few of these cars left and Hape Cars are now only £2.50 each here at Silly Billy‘s

Hape Bamboo Cars

Bamboo Speedsters

Something for the girls (specifically) is that we have reduced our Style Me Up Range by 50%, yes half-price on all Style Me Up, whilst stocks last

Style Me Up


All the Style Me Up Range is in the cardboard Box in the middle of the shop, come down to Silly Billy‘s Toy Shop in Hebden Bridge and get some half-price Style Me UP today

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All NEW Style Me Up

Style Me Up

Style Me Up is a new range aimed at girl’s primarily although boys may like the items too.
Style Me Up is a fashion forward line for creative youngsters aged between 8 and 15, who thrive on Do-it-Yourself fashion projects. Personalization and freedom of creation let’s you be truly unique with every Style Me Up design.

Visit Silly Billy’s Toy Shop to view the Style Me Up collections.

  • Nail Art
  • Chalk It Out
  • Shamballa Style Bracelets
  • Friendship Chains
  • Twisted Fashion
  • Precious Bracelets
  • Duo Chic
  • Wrap Arounds
  • Clear-ly Unique
  • Nail Effect
  • Nail Art Marker Duo Glitter
  • Chalk It Out
  • Chalk It Out
  • Tattoorific
  • Deluxe Purse – Pink
  • Pencil Case – Pink
  • Cosmetics & Sketchbook
  • Trendy Bead Tattoos
  • Bead Mania
  • Deluxe Purse – Purple
  • Pencil Case – Purple

For more information on the Style Me Up Range you can check their website

Style Me Up 1Style Me Up 2STYLE ME UP 3Style Me Up Bead Kits


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