Review of The Force Awakens by Lachlann

Review of #TheForceAwakens

Lachlann’s review of the Force Awakens, which he watched in 3D at the Vue Cinema.
Lachlann says:
It was very good, the 3D effects on the other hand were not that great, it’s not necessary to watch the film in 3D he says.

It is helpful to have watched some of the previous Star Wars episodes to get an idea of who the characters are. In places the film was quite funny and made me laugh, Kylo Ren’s character is well presented and leaves a lot to the imagination. There are lots of new characters which are good and overall I would recommend the film. Should it be a 12A?
Lachlann says it’s a bit violent in places and so the Certification is accurate.

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The Force Awakens

Star Wars #TheForceAwakens

We have written about Star Wars before here on our blog and as you probably know Silly Billy‘s has already been blogging about our Lego Star Wars additions for some time now. As #TheForceAwakens was released yesterday in Australia and is coming to the UK today. My son luckily managed to get a FREE ticket courtesy of a friend. Only Lachlann and myself are really into Star Wars in our Family and the other people are not so I am quite envious of Lachlann’s free ticket this evening.

ABC network in Australia have been making some good noises about the new Star Wars Film:

Not everyone will love the new Star Wars. Maybe some fans and critics won’t find the fresh characters nearly as memorable as the classics. No doubt some will be flat-out ticked off at certain developments. Better to take such risks than to give us a Star Wars sequel that plays it safe or ventures into weirdness and goofiness and Jar Jar Binks.
Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times

The long wait is over, and the news is good: The Force Awakens heralds the new dawn you hoped for … The Force is strong with this one. Best of all, it will only get stronger from here.
Leigh Paatsch, News Corp Australia

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