After a fairly quiet day of retail in the shop yesterday,  probably more due to the inclement weather than any economic downturn, I decided to visit the local Cinema. Hebden Bridge Picture House:
If you have never been then the Picture House is well worth a visit, one of the few Independent Cinemas in the north of England and also one of the few cinemas where you can get a mug of tea in a ceramic mug. Similar then to watching the big screen in your own lounge perhaps.

The Judge is an interesting film, although some of the acting perhaps leaves a bit to be desired. Robert Duval is very good as the ageing patriarchal small town Judge, Robert Downey Jr. left a little to be desired in his role as the son and defence attorney and I felt his acting was a little flat at times compared to the other cast members who included Billy Bob Thornton as the prosecution. A  deserved 7.7 on IMDB at the moment and I would score the film perhaps 7/10 myself.

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