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Toys Beginning with A

For the next few months the author of this blog (Robert A Williams) will be posting on Silly Billy’s Toy Shop Facebook Page an Alphabet, from A to Z, of some of our fine toys that we have in our toy shop in Hebden Bridge, so starting, as the Alphabet does at A, on Sunday 28th August 2017:

It was a little bit tricky with A to find Toys beginning with that letter easily and I had to look around the shop a bit, if any video’s are struggling for three toys of each letter type then we will add a Lanka Kade Letter to the video.

Toys Beginning with B

Billy obviously begins with B, though not being a Toy we didn’t take a picture of him, however if you want to see one then click here

Toys Beginning with C

This was quite easy and it turns out we have a lot of Toys beginning with C including another cheaper chess set not shown in the video, at £5.99
Craft Scissors for those of you who are feeling crafty, only £1.99 (Perhaps scissors will appear in Toys Beginning with S?)

Toys Beginning with D

Well it quite surprised me just how many Dinosaur related products we have in the Shop, so including those Dinosaurs shown in the Post we also have a Top Model Dinosaur Sticker book suitable for the younger buyer and also Dinosaur Posters from GB Eye ! D wasn’t too hard a letter to find Toys for and at this point I have decide that 5 images in each video is better than the three I had started with.

Toys Beginning with E

This letter was quite difficult to do, mainly there are varieties of EGGs like growing Dinosaur Eggs, already used in D above and recycled here. Then Alien Eggs, which had been used in A previously. I did find bouncy Eggs which are 99p and very realistic and also Braids from Galt Toys which are part of our creative toys range. If you can come up with any Toys I may have missed that begin with E then please write a comment on the Facebook post below.

Toys Beginning with F

F was remarkably easy and I left a few F’s out as we have another Fire Truck from the Green Toys people not shown in the video.
We also have Frogs in Slime at £1.99, again not shown and nor are the Stretchy Frogs that we have which are only £2.99, so all in all there are a lot of toys that begin with F

Toys Beginning with G

Were quite tricky, Gift Cards, which are not toys in themselves, were the first thing to spring to mind and then after that it all became a little awkward. I found some Giraffes from Schleich, some Gel Pens from The Top Model Range and also a Giant Colouring Book, did you know we have a wide selection of creative toys for both younger and older children, and teenagers.

Toys Beginning with H

H wasn’t too horrible a letter, so we found lots of Schleich Horses, an always in Stock item of Hula-Hoops, also we found various musical instruments from the House of Marbles people including Harmonicas and hand bells. All in all H wasn’t any botHer

Toys Beginning with I

I was almost Impossible and I honestly struggled to get enough products to show 5 frames in the Video which is my ambition for each letter of the Alphabet.
Really there were very few toys beginning with I and I had to resort to utilising the Lanka Kade Letter (£1.50 each) of I as one of the images. In fact, sadly, I only managed to find four items to show in the video below, unfortunately we had run out of Impala’s from Schleich that we often stock. One letter I was a section of a British Isles Jigsaw that included Ireland, available at £12.99 and really useful for teaching Children the counties of the British Isles.

Toys Beginning with J

J was a lot easier than I with the likes of the Jungle Game from Orchard Toys (18 months+) and Jokes at £1.50

Toys Beginning with K

The letter K was not running over with Toy Stock so it became a little sticKy trying to find 5 items for the post. The LEGO Superman Keyrings were one that I had almost forgotten we had, these Keyrings go for up to £6.00 on EBay and like many LEGO products could be of greater value later on. You can buy a LEGO Superman Keyring for only £2.50 at Silly Billy’s. Some times we have Koalas from Schleich, on this occasion we did not. Kaleidoscopes from our friends at House of Marbles are also a traditional toy beginning with K

Toys Beginning with L

LEGO obviously, there are more toys than just LEGO that begin with L, have a look at the video below and follow Silly Billy’s on Facebook.

Toys Beginning with M

Marbles from the amazing House of Marbles, based in Devon are just one of the Toys we have at Silly Billy’s that begins with the letter M

Toys Beginning with N

N was a nightmare to do, there are very few toys at Silly Billy’s beginning with the Letter N so we needed to resort to LEGO Ninjago taking most of the credit for that letter.
Did you know the LEGO Ninjago Movie is now on general release
Notably after a great deal of seeking I did find some Nail Art from Galt

Toys Beginning with O

O was a pretty orrible letter too and I had to resort to the Good Old Lanka Kade Letters once more. Did you know they are only £1 each, come with free double sided sticky pads and we almost always have every letter of the alphabet in stock.

Toys Beginning with P

P was an easy letter as we have so much Playmobil in the shop, possibly the best selection of any independent toy retailer in the North of England
We always have Pokemon Cards and Pokemon Trading card game sets in stock at Silly Billy’s.
Posters from GB Eye are another Top seller, all at £3.99


Toys Beginning with Q

Really there are not very many toys beginning with Q at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop.
Had to resort to various letters and if you didn’t know we have letters for the tub (£9.99) and magnetic letters for the fridge or another metallic surface (1.99 here at our toy shop

Toys Beginning with R

There’s enough R’s in the shop for a nice video creation from Schleich Reindeer to Rubik’s Cubes.

Toys Beginning with S

S was simply easy and I forgot to mention Scissors and Sketch pads, S includes some of our major brands of Sylvanians and Schleich as well as Submarines from Green Toys

Toys Beginning with T

There are a lot of Toys Beginning with the Letter T at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop, this includes some of our best selling lines of TY and Top Model. We also have recently stocked up with die-cast Thomas the Tank Engine and friends Trains.

Toys Beginning with U

Amazing Unicorns and more toys beginning with U including Umbrellas which are amazingly Useful for the generally rubbish weather in Hebden Bridge, aside from the Unicorns that we have here, other toys beginning with U were quite difficult to find!

Toys Beginning with V

Well what Toys could there possibly be beginning with V?
We found three, a Velociraptor from Schleich, some VW Camper Vans and the letter V itself, it’s the best we could do!

Toys Beginning with W

We found the letter W very welcoming, there was a Whale and White Tiger from Schleich and a Where in the Wood 150 piece Jigsaw from Orchard Toys.We now have some Christmas Walkers in the shop as well as stocking up on many more lines for Christmas 2017

Toys Beginning with X

Was almost impossible, despite suggestions on Facebook of XBox (we don’t stock those) and Xylophones, we don’t have those either, though we do have a wide selection of other musical toys from the House of Marbles. I had to get a little inventive and some Pirate Treasure had an X from the Skull and Crossbones on the packet. Another X was from the X-Ray that would have happened with Playmobil Set 6661. So enjoy X

Toys Beginning with Y

Y was quite a tough letter, until Bill pointed out the Sylvanians Yellow Labrador Family. Yivi and the Minimoomis is a range from Depesche Top Model aimed towards younger children.
Tomorrow is the last letter of the Alphabet and the last day of doing this Letters of The Toy Alphabet page

Toys Beginning with Z

Here we have reached the end of the English Alphabet and the letter Z was not too much of an issue when we found the Zebras from Schleich. However, this was only two of the required Z’s for the video, the other Z was provided by Pokemon #145 Zapdos, who exists on a Pokemon Poster in our toy shop from GB Eye Posters

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