Aquabeads at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop

Aquabeads at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop

Aquabeads were introduced to Silly Billy’s Toy Shop this year (2017), although many many years ago, before the author of this blog started working there, Silly Billy’s were an Aquabead stockist.
So what are Aquabeads, exactly?
Aquabeads are a craft toy or gift which can be easily used to create breath-taking designs with the simple addition of water (H2O)

Hints & Tips for using Aquabeads

  • When beads do not stick properly, spray some more water on the back of the design and leave to dry.
  • When the back of a bead design is not glossy, spray some more water on the back and leave to dry.
  • If your bead design starts to bend, place the design under a heavy magazine or book and leave it there for a while.
  • If the bead design breaks, simply reassemble and spray with water.

These are the Aquabeads Kits that we have in stock at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop

  • Aquabeads Complete Set Beginners Studio £12.99
    Aquabeads Beginners Studio comes complete with 840 beads in 12 colours, more than enough to create whatever your imagination thinks of!
    The set comes with a handy place to store all of your beads, a bead peeler, and template sheets as well as a bead pen and sprayer
    The Aquabeads Beginners Studio is suitable for those who have just begun their Aqua-beading adventure – it even comes with two double-sided template sheets to inspire you.
    Suitable for children aged 4+. “with colourful Aquabeads, beautiful creations are simply a spray of water away”.
  • Aquabeads Complete Set Rainbow Pen Station £19.99
    The Rainbow Pen Station comes with two layout trays, and a bespoke workstation making it perfect for crafting more Aquabeads creations at once. Slot the beads into the Rainbow Pen, and easily switch between the colours when creating your designs. There are 4 templates to help give you creative inspiration, and to top it all off, the handy workstation will help to keep you organised. With colourful Aquabeads, beautiful creations are simply a spray of water away.
    Just spray water and the beads will stick together! no ironing required.
    Helps to develop hand-eye coordination and memory skills.
    Includes two layout trays and a bespoke workstation.
    Contains 600 beads that come in eight different colours and four templates.
    Not suitable for children under 4 years due to small parts which can be ingested and/or inhaled
  • Aquabeads Complete Sparkling Jewel Box £19.99
    With colourful Aquabeads, beautiful creations are simply a spray of water away!
    Pretty in pink, the Sparkling Jewel Box contains 600 beads in 12 colours, all held within a coloured heart-shaped storage station.
    The Jewel Box comes with a layout tray, key chain, bead peeler, sprayer, two rings, a parfait cup and a sundae cup as well as 2 double-sided template sheets which comprise beautiful bow, cake and animal designs.
    Suitable for children aged 4+


We also have Aquabeads Refills Sets here at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop

  • Dazzling Ring Set £7.99
  • Jewel Bead Pack Refill Set £7.99
  • Mini Sparkle Pack Set  £5.99
  • Bracelet Set, Theme Refill £7.99

Aquabeads Refills

Aquabeads make a great Christmas Gift so come to Silly Billy’s Toy Shop for your Christmas Toy Shopping 2017

Have you seen Silly Billy’s amazing Christmas 2017 Competition yet? Visit this post to learn more 

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Top Model – Christmas 2017

Depesche and Top Model for Christmas 2017

Depesche Top Model has been a stock line brought over from our old shop and very popular, we have increased our Top Model selection for Christmas 2017 and the new lines we have are:-

  • Minimoomis Scented Writing Pads
  • Miss Melody Mini Gel Pen Set, 5 ink colours
  • MANGAModel Colouring Book
  • Create Your Fantasy Model Colouring Book
  • TOPModel Stickerpad OMG
  • TOPModel DANCE Colouring Book
  • Dino World Tattoos
  • Create your TOPModel Design Studio
  • TOPModel Diary with Code
  • TOPModel Friendship book blue
  • TOPModel Friendship book pink
  • TOPModel Mobile Notebooks
  • TOPModel Make-Up Creative Folder
  • Miss Melody Style Your Horse
  • TOPModel Design Book and Video
  • Dino World Light Keychain
  • TOPModel POPSTAR Colouring Book
  • Miss Melody Stickerworld
  • Create your TOPModel  Colouring Book
  • Create your TOPModel Kitty Colouring
  • Create your TOPModel Doggy Colouring
  • TOPModel Make-Up Colouring Book
  • TOPModel Lipstick Eraser
  • TOPModel T-Shirt Designer Colouring Book
  • MANGAModel Pocket Colouring Book
  • Dino World Activity Book
  • TOPModel Glitter Gelpen Stick
  • Miss Melody Sticker Fun
  • TOPModel Pocket Colouring Book 3D
  • TOPModel Neon Gelpen Set, 6 colours
  • TOPModel Dress Me Up Stickerbook
  • TOPModel Fineliner, 10 colours
  • TOPModel Coloured pencil, 12 colours
  • TOPModel Coloured Pencil Set
  • TOPModel Sharpener and eraser
  • Create your Glamour Special Colouring book
  • Yivi’s Rubb Off Card

As you can see we have an amazing amount of Top Model at Silly Billy’s for your children to enjoy and Top Model is suitable for the teenage audience as well.
Top Model

Here are some of the Top model’s that Feature in the Books
haydn_Top Model christy_Top Model janet_Top Model nadja_Top Model fergie_Top Model jenny_Top Model nyela_Top Model talita_Top Model louise_Top Model louise_Top Model candy_top_model

If you are interested in some of the Top Model Apps for handheld devices then visit this link

Top Model has Rave Reviews all over the internet and you can see some on Amazon and other places. Here at Silly Billy’s we charge RRP for Top model so please buy your Top Model products from us rather than the corporate entities and help to keep Small Businesses alive. Please don’t forget Small Business Saturday is coming up on 2nd December this year.

If you haven’t done so already please like Silly Billy’s on Facebook (thanks, so much)


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Week Six – More Lego Bricks

More Lego Bricks and Much More

Recent additions to our Lego stocks include:

  • Prison island Starter Set 60127 at £9.99
  • Police Pursuit 60128 at £17.99
  • Fire ATV 60105 at £5.99
  • Fire Starter Set 60106 at £9.99
  • Fire Ladder Truck 60107 at £17.99
  • Rally Car 60113 at £7.99
  • Race boat 60114 at £7.99
  • 4×4 Off Roader 60115 at £17.99
  • Iron Skull Sub Attack (Marvel Avengers) 76048 at £29.99
  • Batman Gotham City Cycle 76053 at  £19.99
  • Mighty Micros Batman 76061 at £9.99
  • Clash of the Heroes 76044 at £12.99
  • Piggy Car Escape (Angry Birds) 75821 at £12.99
  • Knighton Battle Blaster (Nexo Knights) 70310 at £7.99
  • Chaos Catapult (Nexo Knights) 70311 at £7.99
  • Lance’s Mecha Horse (Nexo Knights) 70312 at £17.99
  • Technics Display Team Jet 42044 at £9.99

    The Lego Wall at Silly Billy‘s Toy Shop

    And we have had a new shelf unit built by our brilliant carpenter, Johnathan Noble,


Galt in our brilliant shelving unit

which  means that we can put out even more toys including a wider range of GALT with the following:

  • Brilliant Hair-Bands at £9.99
  • Paint A Tea Set at £9.99
  • First Sewing at £9.99
  • Fairy Dressing Up Set at £9.99
  • Glitter Party Set at £9.99
  • Four Puzzles in A Box at £5.99
  • Alphabet puzzles at £5.99
  • Baby Puzzles at £5.99 (18 months +)
  • Number Puzzles at £5.99
  • Magic Puzzle at £9.99
  • Paint by Numbers at £5.99
  • Violent Volcano at £5.99
  • Bonkers Bubbles at £5.99
  • Colour Changing Pens at £3.99
  • Various Colouring and Sticker Pads from £1.99

Come into Silly Billy‘s Toy Shop in our new location at Old Gate House, Old Gate, Hebden Bridge, HX7 6EN, we have lots of toys and games to suit from the very young, the next post will contain more information on our new Sophie La Girafe range, the amazing baby teether shaped like a giraffe.

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