All NEW Playmobil at Silly Billy’s

Playmobil Delivery September 2015

Silly Billy‘s is one of best places to buy Playmobil in Yorkshire.
We have recently received a large Playmobil Order here at Silly Billy‘s and it contains the following Playmobil goodies:


  • Boy with Racing Cart 4759
  • Boys with Racing Bike 4780
  • Mother with children 4782
  • Celebrity With Award 4788
  • Samurai with Weapon Stand 4789
  • Girl with Pony 5291
  • Knight with Weapon Stand 5409
  • Pirate with Cannon 5413
Playmobil Specials


Also we have lots of other Playmobil including:

  • Family Motorhome 4859
  • Bunny Hutch 5123
  • Dog House 5125
  • Horse Care Station 5225
  • paddock with Horses and Foal 5227
  • Fire Chief’s Car with Lights and Sound 5364
  • Pet Examination Room 5530
  • Horse with X-Ray Technician 5533
  • Turtle Enclosure 5534
  • Cat Family with Basket 5535
  • Ambulance with Siren 5541
  • Playgroup 5570
  • Giant Troll with Dwarf Fighters 6004
  • Hawk Knight’s Battle Cannon 6038
  • Castle Ghost with Rainbow LED 6042
  • Tow Truck 6791
  • Tractor 6794
  • Man with Water Raft 6795

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And Playmobil Carry Cases

  • Shop 56117 at £9.99
  • Wildfire 56287 at £9.99
  • Ninja 56297 at £9.99
  • Food Shop 56317 at £9.99
  • Police 58917 at £9.99
  • Pirates 58947 at £9.99
  • Fairy 59957 at £9.99

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Thunderbirds Interactive Tracy Island

All new at Silly Billy‘s Toy Shop, is the Thunderbirds Interactive Tracy island:

Jump into the world of Thunderbirds Are Go with this cool Interactive Tracy Island Playset!
Recreate your own International Rescue adventures with this amazing Tracy Island Playset.
Based on the top secret headquarters’ Tracy Island uses the latest in smart technology allowing the island to interact with the vehicles.
Put on the International Rescue communicator and take command of your Thunderbird craft.

Tracy Island is packed with over 50 actions, lights and sounds.
Press the button to open the hangar door for Thunderbird 2 and the palm trees fall away. Once Thunderbird 1 has been locked and loaded into its dock pull back the sliding pool and watch the dock automatically rise up through the push of a button. Load Thunderbird 3 into the launch silo and press the button to launch this rocket into space. (All vehicles are sold separately and available to buy at Silly Billy’s)

  • Cool lights and sounds
  • Iconic Thunderbirds countdown
  • Dimensions: 50H x 65W cm
  • Please note vehicles pictured are sold separately
  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • Contents: One Tracy Island Playset
  • Batteries Required: 3 AAA batteries and 3 LR44 batteries (not included)
    Tracy Island at Silly Billys

    Interactive Tracy Island

    Other ThunderBirds Figures and Vehicles available at Silly Billy’s Toy Shop

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Playmobil Wildlife Ark 5276

At Silly Billy‘s Toy Shop we have heavily discounted the Playmobil Ark 5276.
“WHY?” You might ask?
Well, it is simply because we have had water ingress in our store-room and we need to create some space.  At the moment we are still unsure where the water came from in the first place, perhaps it was a micro biblical flood??
The Ark’s are not damaged in any way and are ONLY available in the shop at this price

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