Smiley Samosa

At Pennine Provisions you can purchase some very nice and not too spicey Vegetable #Samosas. I find that some Mustard goes well with the Samosa, and if the staff are in a good mood you may get a little art-work with your delicacy.

smiley samosaPersonally, this much mustard is a little overkill !!

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Fantastic, the summer has paused here in Hebden Bridge AKA Raintown, my good friend in London always put’s RainTown as the address when he sends me snail-mail, I don’t think Royal Mail are impressed though.

When I started writing this it was pouring down and now the Sun is trying her best to shine into the Valley. COME ON SUN


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My colleague was laughing heavily at the content of my posts yesterday. Although this may have been sarcastic, it’s always good to laugh as it increases endorphine levels.

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